What is Owners' 360?

The purpose of the Owners’ 360o Workshop is to share winning concepts and ideas that are successful in your pharmacy with your peers.  We want to know what are you doing that is different and unique that helps make you a success?  We all have at least one sensational concept in fact I’m betting you have several.

The reason that I know you have winning ideas is that you are still a pharmacy owner practicing in Kansas!

In spite of the heavy hitting competition, unfair reimbursements and increased regulations that you face every day, you have carved out a niche for your pharmacy business that has helped you to survive.  Your winning concept could be in marketing, compounding, employee relations, or unique products and services that you offer.  It is your out-of-the-box thinking on how to generate more business we are interested in learning about. It’s time that we owners realize that it is not your fellow Kansas pharmacy owner down the street or in the next town that is trying to run you out of business. It is the PBMs, the Big Box chains, the Mail Order facilities and, quite frankly, some of our own legislators.  

Here is how an Owners’ 360o Workshop works:

1. The idea that you found successful is offered to fellow pharmacy owners in a brief 10 minute presentation

2.  Five minutes is allowed for questions and answers from your peers. (that way we can present four different concepts per hour)

3.  Those pharmacists making a presentation are asked to have a written outline available.

4.  KPhA staff will post these presentations on the KPhA website for future access by those who attended a 360 program. Information from all of the Owners’ 360o Workshops will be shared with fellow participants. 

The only cost to you is in your time. In exchange for your time, you will gain valuable insight into what makes your fellow pharmacy owners successful. You will be able to implement many of the ideas you get from attendance to work in your pharmacy immediately.

KPhA held its first Owners’ 360 in McPherson in October 2012. Attendees agreed that it was a wonderful way of sharing proven, successful ideas.  At that meeting in October, the ideas that were shared were not limited to the presentations that evening.  The flow of ideas that bubbled up took on a life of its own. We confident that you will receive get great value in attending future workshops.

Below are the handouts from the April 2013 Owners' 360 meeting. If you have any questions, please contact the KPhA office at 785-228-2327.

Medication Delivery Process from Hy-Vee

RX Plan Guard

Hometown Pharmacy Special Order Form

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