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Friday, Sept. 25


Pharmacy Informatics 101
Brittany Melton, PharmD, PhD
The presentation will start with some definitions of informatics related to pharmacy, and go on to discuss national initiatives for informatics and example technologies used. The presentation will then move into things to consider when looking at technology, such as usability, unintended consequences, and outcomes.

Interfacing the Diseases of Addiction and Chronic Pain Disorders
Ethan Bickelhaupt, MD, MMM, MRO, DFAPA, FASAM
Attendees will gain useful prevention strategies, treatment resources, and unique recovery issues for substance abuse and pain disorders. Approaches to the treatment of pain in the context of the risk of addiction will be discussed.


I Care, You Care, eCare
Renee Price, PharmD
We all know the phrase, “If you didn’t document it, you didn’t do it” and yet pharmacists complete clinical tasks many times a day without documenting them. The Pharmacist eCare plan is a standard that allows different technology partners to have a common language for information exchange. In this CE we will discuss what the eCare plan is, why it matters, and discuss ways to integrate this into our current practice setting.

Maintaining Safety When Medication Runs Short
Chris Loucks, PharmD
This program will approach this topic in three parts, each with a different goal. The first goal is to provide participants with an in depth understanding of the pharmacy supply chain and why drug shortages occur. Second, participants will learn strategies for identifying drug shortages before they reach the pharmacy. Lastly, this presentation will describe the critical components of successfully managing drug shortages to minimize the impact on providers and patient care.

Immunization Update 2020
Clark Kebodeaux, PharmD, BCACP
Increases in immunization rates improve life expectancy through the reduction of infectious disease. Pharmacists, particularly in the community setting, are well positioned to impact immunization rates with expanded authority to administer all vaccinations to patients 12 years and older in the state of Kansas. This presentation will provide information and clinical opportunities to community-based pharmacists including changes and updates over the past year.

Saturday, Sept. 26

Session 1: When Bad Math Makes its Mark | Jeremy Sasser, National Healthcareer Association
This session will discuss how medication dosage miscalculations impact both patients and pharmacies. The latest estimates suggest that each year between 7,000 and 9,000 people die as a result of a medication error, costing more than $40 billion in associated healthcare costs.
Session 2: Expanding Pharmacy Technician Roles | Jeremy Sasser, National Healthcareer Association
As the role of pharmacist moves into a new phase as prescribers and in providing daily consults, the role of the pharmacy technician is expanding as well. In this session we will discuss the most recent changes impacting the evolution of pharmacy technicians and the duties they are performing.
Session 3: Taking Blood Pressure: What to Watch for and When to Refer | Morgan Moellinger, El Dorado TrueCare
Present technicians with basic techniques when taking patients’ blood pressure.

Keynote: Human Trafficking - A Pharmacists Role in Reporting
Jennifer Montgomery, MA
Human trafficking is based on recruiting, harboring and transporting people solely for the purpose of exploitation. Healthcare providers, including pharmacists, are in a unique position to help identify and assist potential victims. This presentation will provide an overview of human trafficking in Kansas, common indicators in a healthcare setting, a basic review of state and federal laws and strategies for intervention and best practices for care.


Flip the Pharmacy Kansas Mapping Out the Future: One Step at a Time
Sandie Kueker, RPh
This program will explain the importance of integrating clinical services into workflow; emphasize the vital role of pharmacy technicians in patient care delivery; and encourage pharmaicsts and technicians to take a step forward into the future of pharmacy.

Moody About Meds in Pregnancy and Lactation
Amber Lucas, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, FASHP
This session will review the medication classes used in mood disorder management. The presenter will effectively interpret both published evidence of medication effects in pregnancy and lactation, as well as physicochemical properties of medications to determine effects when published evidence does not exist. Attendees will learn how to provide appropriate psychiatric medication recommendations for safe and effective patient outcomes for both mother and baby.


Managing Dialysis Patients: Appropriate Medications and Dosing
Scott Solcher, MD
The presentation will include an overview of solute (and drug) clearance in both Hemo and Peritoneal Dialysis, with an overview a appropriate drug prescription in this setting. A discription of the CMS "bundle" will also be included.

Collaborative Practice: A Rural Kansas Approach
Jeremy Presley, MD, FAAFP
We will discuss the processes that my practice and local pharmacists have been able to implement in establishing a collaborative approach to patient care. The goals are to review current strategies and to also discuss some of the proposed approaches specifically centered around the current value based care directions from CMS and private insurers. The expectations from these aforementioned entities are going to require a closer partnership between community physicians and local pharmacists to be successful in the changing healthcare climate.


Medical Cannabis - What Pharmacists Need to Know
Michael Barton, PharmD, BCPS, BCGP
Pharmacists generally have limited formal training in medical cannabis and are often faced with patient question on the subject. This presentation will aim to increase pharmacist knowledge in medical cannabis including key terms, mechanisms of action and therapy challenges.

New Drugs 2020
Jennifer Dill, PharmD
This presentation will provide an overview of new drugs approved by FDA for 2020 and highlight novel therapies that are anticipated to be of particular benefit to the patients we serve.

Sunday, Sept. 27

Let’s Talk About Burnout Epidemic in Pharmacy and Building Resilience in the Midst of a Pandemic
Diana Tamer, PharmD, BCOP
The presentation will be discussing stressors that can lead to burnout in the pharmacy profession among students and pharmacists. The bulk of the presentation will focus on strategies to promote wellness throughout the pharmacist-to-be journey as well as pharmacists. Strategies to address burnout, wellness, and resiliency in a real-life pandemic will be discussed.


Anxiety and Depression in Adolescents
Micha Bastian, PharmD
This presentation will cover anxiety and depression in adolescents. Mental health conditions are common among teens and young adults. 50% of all lifetime mental illnesses develop by age 14 and 75% develop by age 24. As pharmacists we need to be educated on treatment options for our patients and their caregivers.

Tips, Tools, and Best Practices in Medication Safety
Gregory Burger, PharmD, CPPS, FASHP, NREMT
Review medication safety tools and best practices published in the medication safety literature over the last year and provide other medication safety tips to keep our patients safe from medication misadventures.

KTRACS - How Far Have We Come?
Jennifer Donnelly, Kansas Board of Pharmacy, with members of the K-TRACS Advisory Committee
The presentation will provide an epidemiological overview of the drug crisis in Kansas. It will also incorporate an update regarding proposed legislative updates for K-TRACS and the Board of Pharmacy. The goal of this presentation is to provide participants with updates on proposed changes and current drug overdose and prescribing patterns of controlled substances in Kansas.


Small Business Marketing in a Social Media Landscape
Andy Stanton, MS, BA
As a society, we communicate much differently than we did 25 years ago. As small business owners, pharmacists must utilize the latest in marketing strategies to stay in business. We'll explore the current social media landscape, identify challenges that small business owners face, and present social media strategies that can be implemented as soon as the attendees return back to their small business after attending the meeting.

Error Risk: Sound-alikes, Look-alikes, Distractions and More
Larry Davidow, RPh, PhD
This program will begin by reviewing common causes of medication errors that occur in pharmacy practice settings including errors in prescribing, order entry, preparation and dispensing, point of sale, and administration. Next, strategies for preventing medication errors and enhancing patient safety will be described. In particular, Root Cause Analysis will be discussed as a technique used to systematically evaluate an error. We will end by explaining requirements of a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program and how this program monitors system failures, promotes system improvements, and reduces the occurrence of errors.

Self Care Challenge
The National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations (NASPA) and the Nonprescription Medicines Academy (NMA) have partnered to launch the NASPA/NMA Student Pharmacist Self Care Championship. The event, which is endowed by P&G, promotes active learning of self care topics to the participants as well as the audience. A team of Kansas pharmacists competes against a team of pharmacy students in a head-to-head event similar to a quiz bowl, as they answer questions developed by the NMA, which focus on self care.


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