Pharmacy Technician Academy


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Academy Charter Information

Pharmacy Technician Academy


  • Support KPhA in its mission to the promote and advance quality and rational public health, with particular reference to assuring optimal pharmacotherapy for the citizens of Kansas (KPhA Bylaws, Article III Section 2).

  • Represent the interest of pharmacists practicing in Managed Care Pharmacy on the KPhA Board of Directors.


A.  To advance public health by promoting the professional interests of pharmacy technicians by:

  • Supporting pharmacy technicians in the delivery of pharmaceutical care.
  • Fostering pharmaceutical services aimed at appropriate drug-use control and rational drug therapy.
  • Improving communication among pharmacy technicians, other members of the health-care industry and the public.
  • Advocating for public policies, statutes and regulations which foster rational and safe use of medication, access and pharmaceutical care.
  • Disseminating information about pharmaceutical services and rational and safe use of medication.

B. To promote the special interests of pharmacy technicians through the establishment of              programs, professional policies and priorities related to pharmacy practice within the pharmacy technician academy by: 

  • Developing professional standards for pharmaceutical services.
  • Fostering an adequate supply of well-trained, competent pharmacy technicians and associated personnel.
  • Promoting the economic welfare of pharmacy technicians and associated personnel.

C.  To advise and make recommendations to the KPhA Board of Directors on behalf of academy membership.

Academy Leadership (2-year term)

The members of the academy will elect a chairperson who will represent the academy as a Director on the KPhA Board.  The chairperson will be responsible for the following:

1.  Attend full board meetings as scheduled

2.  Generate ideas to promote interest in KPhA

3.  Understand the academy charter and the purpose of the academy

4.  Identify topics of interest to present to members of the academy

5. Offer guidance to and work well with KPhA staff to plan academy events

6. Plan a minimum of one legislative dinner annually

7. Plan a minimum of two educational events or workshops for the academy annually

8. Identify and coordinate sponsorships for academy functions

9. Provide leadership within KPhA to enhance services and grow membership 

10. Participate in or delegate a representative to assist in coordination of relevant continuing education topics at the annual meeting that will benefit your academy members

11. Visit and/or communicate with members in your Academy to the maximum extent possible. 


KPhA will issue a call for office nominations at least 30 days prior to the deadline electronically through the bi-weekly e-Communique and other membership emails. Elections will be decided by majority vote and ties will be resolved with re-cast of votes. Newly elected officers will be installed at the KPhA Annual Meeting and the term shall begin January 1 of the following year after election.


If the Chairperson can no longer perform the duties of that chair then the Chairperson or KPhA will select someone to finish that term. KPhA bylaws state that if an academy fails to fill its position on the board for two years, the academy shall be deemed to have forfeited Board representation and shall be deemed dissolved upon resolution of the KPhA Board.

Changes to Academy Charter 

Changes to the Academy Charter will be submitted to the KPhA Board of Directors for approval.

Exam Certification Resources

To view Exam for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians information click here.

To view Pharmacy Technician Certification Board information click here. 

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