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Empowering the Voice of Kansas Pharmacy

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Owners Academy

Academy Charter Information


  • Support KPhA in its mission to promote and advance the pharmaceutical care of Kansans. In doing so, the “Owner” academy is charged with increasing the knowledge, empathy, sustainability, and membership of pharmacy owners in the state of Kansas. In addition, the “Owner” academy extends it’s knowledge and altruism to all other academies in KPhA to provide continuity of communication and ultimately the best pharmaceutical care for Kansans.
  • Represent the interest of pharmacy owners and managers on the KPhA Board of Directors.


To advance public health by promoting the professional interests of the academy membership by:

  • Educating pharmacy owners and managers on current drug trends, wholesaler issues, new therapies, legislative issues, marketing, business and management trends
  • Attaining political influence that promotes pharmacy ownership and sustainability
  • Fostering communication between owners and managers to share ideas and resources
  • Sustaining and increasing membership in the academy & KPhA
  • Promoting “Outreach” programs designed to serve and educate pharmacy care patrons as well as other health care professionals
  • Providing a database of pharmacy owners contact information and a platform for communication (i.e. website presence on current KPhA website)
  • Documenting the pharmaceutical care needs of Kansans
  • Advising and making recommendations to the KPhA Board of Directors on behalf of academy membership

Academy Director

Will Anderson, PharmD


KPhA appreciates the generous support provided by

Kansas Pharmacists

Preserving, protecting and advancing Kansas pharmacy practice through education, engagement and advocacy.

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