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  • 06/03/2019 9:23 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The acting head of the Food and Drug Administration launched the agency’s first hearing on CBD products Friday with a laundry of list of questions about cannabidiol, better known as CBD, which is already being sold in pills, tinctures, skin lotions, sodas and dog food.

    How much of the cannabis extract is safe to consume daily, he asked at the jam-packed, all-day hearing at FDA headquarters in Silver Spring. How will it interact with other drugs? What if a consumer is pregnant? What is CBD’s effect on children? What happens if someone takes it over the course of years?

    Acting Commissioner Norman “Ned” Sharpless said answers to most of those questions are still unknown despite the popularity of many CBD products.

    Read more from the Washington Post.

  • 05/31/2019 2:12 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    With measles outbreaks ongoing in both America and abroad, you are likely getting an increasing number of questions about measles and measles vaccines, so KPhA has compiled some information to help you and your patients stay safe!

    Legal matters:

    • If your vaccine protocol includes measles vaccines, you can administer the vaccine per protocol. If the vaccine is not currently included in your protocol, you will need to update your protocol and get it signed by your protocol physician before you can administer the vaccine.
    • Pharmacists cannot administer a measles vaccine to someone under the age of 12.

    Clinical matters:

    • Measles is highly contagious and virulent. It will infect 90% of unvaccinated individuals who come into contact with the virus. Infected individuals shed virus from four days before through four days after the rash shows up.
    • MMR vaccines have been routinely administered since the 60’s and 70’s, so most adults have been vaccinated against measles. After an outbreak of measles in the early 90’s, the Vaccines for Children program was introduced, vastly improving access to vaccines for uninsured children. The two-vaccine series is >97% effective at preventing measles.
      • It is recommended to check KSWebIZ (Kansas’s immunization registry) for evidence of previous vaccination before vaccinating to avoid possible duplication.
    • ACIP recommends that persons without acceptable documentation of presumptive evidence of immunity be vaccinated. Examples of evidence are:
      • Documentation of age appropriate vaccination
      • Laboratory evidence of immunity
      • Lab confirmation of disease
      • Persons born before 1957
    • There are several special populations to take into consideration:
      • All children entering school, including colleges, need evidence of immunity
      • Health care personnel born after 1957 should have evidence of two doses of a measles containing vaccine (if you attended pharmacy school after the 90’s, this was likely assessed in pharmacy school)
      • Household and close contacts of immunocompromised people should have two doses of MMRII vaccine
      • International travelers to high risk areas (including many parts of Europe!) should be assessed by a travel clinic – please refer these patients to a travel clinic! (HH28, 32, 33, and PC25)

    So let’s say that your patient falls outside the 4 categories of immunity listed above (eg. 44y/o female without immunization records, not at high risk for exposure from travel) – for this patient, it would either be appropriate to provide one dose of MMRII or refer them to their physician for serologic testing (looking for measles specific IgG antibodies).

    If you have a patient that is traveling internationally without evidence of immunity as defined above, a two-dose series of MMRII is recommended, with the doses at least 28 days apart, ideally completed before leaving the United States.

    For more information on measles vaccine recommendations, please visit www.cdc.gov.

    In the event of an outbreak in our state, we would receive further guidance from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and local public health authorities. Outbreaks in populations that have high rates of vaccination are unlikely, but the most recent data from the CDC shows Missouri and Colorado rank in the bottom five states with coverage below the recommended 90%. Kansas is in the bottom 20% of states, with coverage just below 90% as well.

    To best protect your communities, make sure that your pharmacy is a part of the immunization neighborhood – vaccinate who you can and refer those you can’t to the appropriate place!

  • 05/31/2019 9:20 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    FDA has granted final approval of the first generic naloxone hydrochloride nasal spray, commonly known as Narcan, a life-saving medication that can stop or reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. The agency is also planning new steps to prioritize the review of additional generic drug applications for products intended to treat opioid overdose, along with the previously announced action to help facilitate an OTC naloxone product.

    Read more at APhA's DrugInfoLine.

  • 05/29/2019 1:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Kansas Pharmacists Association's Outstanding Student Award was presented to Savanna Anschutz at the University of Kansas School of Pharmacy's Commencement Ceremony on May 18. Anschutz was heavily involved in volunteer work for the association throughout her time at KU and especially during her final year of pharmacy school. KPhA President Amanda Applegate (pictured at left) presented Anschutz with an iron Jayhawk to show KPhA's appreciation following commencement.

    Anschutz was heavily involved in volunteer work for the association during her final year of pharmacy school.  She helped with several KPhA events, including staffing the KPF Golf Tournament, coordinating student attendance at the KPhA Annual Meeting and Trade Show in addition to volunteering during the event, and helping promote the Study Break Social hosted by CPESN with Lance and Sloane Freeman and David Rziah.

    Thank you Savanna and we wish you the best in your career!

  • 05/29/2019 12:04 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Kansas Pharmacists Association has redesigned its website to better showcase its advocacy and education efforts, as well as its membership. The homepage now features prominent links to recent news posts and upcoming events. The featured member section will highlight both student and pharmacist members.

    In-depth details on the board of directors, academies, councils and committees can be found in the "About" section. Information about affiliated organizations, Kansas Pharmacists Foundation and Kansas Pharmacists Recovery Network, also are available.

    The public-facing website includes details about our organization, the members-only content includes the membership directory, legislative update and pharmacists electronic library. You must be logged in to view the members-only content.

    While you're taking a look at the new site, we suggest you also visit your member profile and make any adjustments to address, phone number, place of employment that may need to be updated.

  • 05/29/2019 11:23 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Jamie Carreon decided she wanted to be a pharmacist while growing up in Garden City, KS. When she was 18, the pharmacy manager she had been working with helped her become a nationally certified pharmacy technician. But she knew she wanted more. "As I left for college, I knew pharmacy school was the only path for me," she said.

    A recent University of Kansas School of Pharmacy graduate, Carreon is ready to begin her career in community pharmacy. She currently is looking for employment.

    "I have met so many inspirational pharmacists along my journey and especially during my APPE rotations," she said. "One pharmacist in particular was Talal Nassar. Talal is the most passionate pharmacist I have had the opportunity to meet. He is a graduate from Purdue University and seeks to only work at the very top of his degree in a hospital setting. He is very devoted to patient care and involvement in the patient care team. He was always spreading the message that we as pharmacist are not only there to renally adjust medication but we are a very big part in the interdisciplinary team and we are here to help provide the best care for our patients. He was such a great pharmacist to work with. He truly inspired me to provide the best care I possibly can to keep educating myself and learn more after graduation, to advocate for our profession as much as possible, to keep expanding what it means for us as pharmacist, and to work at the top of our license."

    Outside of pharmacy, Carreon said she loves activities that involve her dog and being at the lake with friends and family. She also enjoys spending time with her grandmother - "taking her shopping and getting pedicures!"

  • 05/14/2019 2:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    IRAs can be an important tool in your retirement savings belt, and whichever you choose to open could have a significant impact on how those accounts might grow.

    IRAs, or Individual Retirement Accounts, are investment vehicles used to help save money for retirement. There are two different types of IRAs: traditional and Roth. Traditional IRAs, created in 1974, are owned by roughly 35.1 million U.S. households. And Roth IRAs, created as part of the Taxpayer Relief Act in 1997, are owned by nearly 24.9 million households.1

    Both kinds of IRAs share many similarities, and yet, each is quite different. Let's take a closer look.

    Up to certain limits, traditional IRAs allow individuals to make tax-deductible contributions into the retirement account. Distributions from traditional IRAs are taxed as ordinary income, and if taken before age 59½, may be subject to a 10% federal income tax penalty. For individuals covered by a retirement plan at work, the deduction for a traditional IRA in 2019 has been phased out for incomes between $103,000 and $123,000 for married couples filing jointly and between $64,000 and $74,000 for single filers.2,3

    Also, within certain limits, individuals can make contributions to a Roth IRA with after-tax dollars. To qualify for a tax-free and penalty-free withdrawal of earnings, Roth IRA distributions must meet a five-year holding requirement and occur after age 59½. Like a traditional IRA, contributions to a Roth IRA are limited based on income. For 2019, contributions to a Roth IRA are phased out between $193,000 and $203,000 for married couples filing jointly and between $122,000 and $137,000 for single filers.2,3

    In addition to contribution and distribution rules, there are limits on how much can be contributed to either IRA. In fact, these limits apply to any combination of IRAs; that is, workers cannot put more than $6,000 per year into their Roth and traditional IRAs combined. So, if a worker contributed $3,500 in a given year into a traditional IRA, contributions to a Roth IRA would be limited to $2,500 in that same year.4

    Individuals who reach age 50 or older by the end of the tax year can qualify for annual “catch-up” contributions of up to $1,000. So, for these IRA owners, the 2019 IRA contribution limit is $7,000.4

    If you meet the income requirements, both traditional and Roth IRAs can play a part in your retirement plans. And once you’ve figured out which will work better for you, only one task remains: opening an account. 

    1 - https://www.ici.org/pdf/per23-10.pdf [12/17]
    2 - https://www.marketwatch.com/story/gearing-up-for-retirement-make-sure-you-understand-your-tax-obligations-2018-06-14 [6/14/18]
    3 - https://money.usnews.com/money/retirement/articles/new-401-k-and-ira-limits [11/12/18]
    4 - https://www.irs.gov/retirement-plans/plan-participant-employee/retirement-topics-ira-contribution-limits [11/2/18]

    Pat Reding and Bo Schnurr may be reached at 800-288-6669 or pbh@berthelrep.com.
    Registered Representative of and securities and investment advisory services offered through Berthel Fisher & Company Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. PRISM Wealth Advisors LLC is independent of Berthel Fisher & Company Financial Services Inc.  

  • 05/14/2019 2:42 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The 2019 Kansas Pharmacy Foundation Golf Tournament is set for Thursday, Sept. 26, at the newly renovated Jayhawk Club, 1809 Birdie Way, Lawrence. The four-person scramble is the unofficial kick-off to the 2019 KPhA Annual Meeting & Trade Show.

    The tournament will tee-off with a shotgun start at 9 a.m. Registration costs $150 per golfer or $600 per team. The fee covers green fee, golf cart, lunch and beverages, as well as monetary and other prizes. You can register for the tournament when you sign-up for the 2019 KPhA Annual Meeting & Trade Show.

    Register Today!

    The Jayhawk Club features 27 unique holes of golf. Characterized by flowing zoysia grass fairways and bentgrass greens, the parkland-style course is known for its unique combination of playability and tests of skill. The course currently has 18 holes available to play.

    The Jayhawk Club, formerly known as Alvamar Golf and Country Club, was completed in 1968 and had grown to 36 holes and hosted a number of significant golf championships. In December of 2016, Alvamar became fully private and major renovations began, and in February 2017, Alvamar officially became The Jayhawk Club. The 18-hole championship golf course is on schedule to open in May of 2019.

  • 05/31/2018 11:30 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Kansas Board of Pharmacy conducted a Technician CE Audit from mid-January to mid-April and found about 200 people hadn’t completed the now mandatory requirements. Officials reached out to those technicians via mail and email, and were given several opportunities to provide proof of completion of their CE. About half of those technicians had their license revoked due to lack of response back to the BOP. Others are being fined and having to do make-up CE.

    The revocations are active as of May 16. Inspectors will be actively looking for compliance on this matter as part of their routine inspections.

    You can check here to find out if your technicians are still in good standing – the Board will not be notifying employers. Please also check the KS TECHNICIAN UPDATE page from the Board of Pharmacy for a review of the changes and new requirements for your technicians!

  • 07/10/2017 9:04 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- In a few days, a new law could help pharmacists save lives when they're confronted with an overdose.

    The law will let them give life-saving medication - called an emergency opioid antagonist - to patients, first responders, school nurses, and bystanders with out a prescription, the Kansas Pharmacists Association said. It goes into effect on July 1st.

    “We believe this law will save lives,” said Dr. Jody Reel, Kansas Pharmacists Association Governmental Affairs Chairperson. “Pharmacies already play an important role in the improvement of our individual and population health, and this law allows us to do even more.”

    To see the original article: Click HERE

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