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KPhA Needs YOUR Help!

07/16/2020 10:43 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

2020 is an election year, and the Kansas House of Representatives (125 House Seats) and the Kansas Senate (40 Senate Seats) are up for election. As you know, every one of these 165 individuals has the power to vote on issues that can have significant impacts on Pharmacy in general, on your livelihood, on your profession, in both positive OR negative ways!

KPhA is your professional Association, we are the Pharmacists united voice, and we have been fighting battles along with you for many years on all Pharmacy- and Pharmacists-related issues that impact YOU. In addition, last year, KPhA had legislation introduced to address a laundry list of PBM practices that are devastating to Pharmacies and Pharmacists! This past year was very impactful, we made tremendous progress, and we have created many strong supporters among the legislature to help us with our legislation. Now is not the time to let down. We are in a much stronger position than ever before, and we need to continue building new, strong legislative relationships and strengthening those relationships we already have. We have to take the following actions to move our issues forward:

  • Make sure you VOTE!!
  • Please review the attached listing of ALL candidates filed for election (in District Order, House first, then the Senate) and reach out to the candidates and get to know them. Many legislators have both a Primary Election opponent AND a General Election opponent this year.
    • The House 125 seats, two-year terms, Maximum contribution (per individual or entity) $500 per election cycle (Primary & General)
    • The Senate 40 seats, four-year terms, Maximum contribution (per individual or entity) $1,000 per election cycle (Primary & General)
    • All Kansas House & Senate seats are up for election, Primary Aug. 4, General Nov. 3
  • Let them know what is important to you.
  • If you are comfortable with the candidate, consider donating to their campaign.
  • Contribute to your Association PAC - please contribute to the KPhA PAC and help the Association show a strong, unified voice for Pharmacists in Kansas. You can contribute here.

WE NEED YOUR HELP: We have Pharmacists that live and work in virtually EVERY District of this state! In this election year, we can show the power of our Pharmacy Grassroots to every elected official. We are asking you to help where you can. Here are the opportunities where you can HELP:

  • Meet with YOUR legislators – For those with incumbent legislators, please meet with your House District Representative and your Senator. If you don't know them, you might meet them at an in-person town hall, a virtual town hall, ice cream social, etc. If you know them, you might call and ask them to join you for coffee, come by your pharmacy, or even have a phone call to get to know each other. No matter how, please take the time to remind them of who you are, your profession, and that you have a specific issue about which you care deeply. If appropriate time and place, you might be able to talk to them right then about the issue but make sure they are not distracted with other people. Many times a separate individual conversation is best. They will be on the campaign trail, so be respectful of their time, but do ask for time to discuss your issue.
  • Meetings with Legislators - We have identified specific legislators that have heard our side of this issue but are also hearing from the PBMs. For those legislators, we want to set up meetings for a group of Pharmacists (some in District) with the legislator. This effort will be in August and September. You will be getting contacted by one of your peer Pharmacists that have volunteered to help organize a meeting with the legislator (in-person or virtual meetings). For these meetings, we need Pharmacists to attend the meeting, especially if you are in the District of the legislator as local representation is critical. A legislator showing up to discuss an issue with 3-10 Pharmacists from their local area will certainly make an impact, and provide a strong voice in support of our issues!
  • Please provide feedback to KPhA after you meet with legislators or candidates by filling out this meeting survey. Knowing how your discussions have gone will help us in planning future meetings. We need to know how your discussions are going!

THANK YOU for your support, your time, your effort, and your voice! YOU do make a difference! Your fellow Pharmacists thank you as well!

KPhA appreciates the generous support provided by

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