Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee is composed of KPhA Members who have an interest in the political issues that involve the Kansas pharmacy practice and profession. It is their mission to advocate on behalf of Kansas pharmacists and patients. If you would like to join the GAC, please email KPhA Executive Director, Aaron Dunkel at or call KPhA at 785.228.2327.

PAC/GAC Info Sheet

Governmental Affairs Committee Chairperson, Jody Reel, PharmD, Sabetha, KS

Current KPhA Members on the GAC:

Brian Caswell (KPhA President 2005) | Baxter Springs

Emily Prohaska (KPhA President-Elect) | Kansas City

Adam Henn (Student Representative) | Lawrence

Dale Masten | Southgate

Don Hill | Emporia

Jim Baumann (KPhA President 2015) | Overland Park

Jonalan Smith (KPhA President) | Fairway

Mike Bellesine | El Dorado

Nate Rockers (KPhA Treasurer) | Paola

Nicole Ellermeier | Overland Park

Terica Gatewood | Topeka

Van Coble | Winfield

One way to help the GAC is to reach out to the legislators that represent you. To find who represents you, click here. Building a relationship and trust with a legislator is important so when a pharmacy related bill comes up, they call you, a pharmacist, to educate them on the bill. Below are some ways to engage with a legislator:

  • Give them a call
  • Put their yard sign in your lawn or place of business
  • Help them put out yard signs across the community
  • Help them put door flyers on homes
  • Walk with them in a parade
  • Host a neighborhood coffee event
  • Invite them to your pharmacy
  • Meet with them at their office

As we say, "A little bit goes a long way."

KPhA and the GAC want you to know that we are always here as a resource to help you in any situation or to answer any questions you may have. We are here to help explain legislative issues if you are unsure or unaware of an issue that a legislator may ask you about, along with helping you coordinate a meeting with a legislator. Whatever the case may be, don't hesitate to contact us.  

The GAC appreciates any and all support. For questions related to the GAC or if you would like to suggest a legislative proposal/issue, please email or call 785.228.2327.

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