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Email or Call (785-228-2327) us if you have any questions. 

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In today's age of electronic communication, your email address has become the primary way in which KPhA communicates information about news, association updates, and advocacy efforts to you. Therefore, in order to communicate with every member of KPhA, we must have a valid email address on file. If you are a joint KPhA member and would like to add a spouse's email address to the KPhA email list, please click here. If you have updated or changed your email address, please click the link above and update your member profile. 
Constant Contact Emails:
Constant Contact is an email provider that KPhA uses frequently to send out mass emails to members. KPhA uses it mainly to send out the bi-weekly e-Communique, also known as an e-newsletter, to keep members informed and updated on important pharmacy information. We have noticed that some members have clicked unsubscribe to KPhA Constant Contact emails so we wanted to let our members know that once that action is taken, KPhA can no longer send emails to unsubscribed members from Constant Contact, nor can we ask Constant Contact to put the email address back on the email list. 

In order to receive emails again from Constant Contact, the member has to contact Constant Contact and initiate it. KPhA can get you the contact information for Constant Contact, but it is ultimately up to the member to call/email Constant Contact to get back on the KPhA email list. If an email does not pertain to your interest, please click "Delete" unless you truly wish to unsubscribe. 
Mail sent through Constant Contact from KPhA include the bi-weekly e-newsletter, education programs, events and special messages. We hope these are of value to you. 
Website Emails:
To send emails to our members, we also use our website database. You can tell the difference between Constant Contact and website emails by the bottom of the email. Constant Contact emails have their logo at the bottom of the email. If a member clicks unsubscribe to an email from the KPhA website, the member is also added to a DO NOT SEND list. The member must notify KPhA if he/she would like to be added back to the KPhA email list. 
Spam Folder:
If you are on our email list and are not receiving emails from KPhA, please check your Spam Folder. Sometimes our emails get filtered into Spam and we cannot control that. If you click on the KPhA email in the Spam Folder and move it to your Inbox Folder, KPhA emails should start being sent to your Inbox instead of Spam. 
Thank You:
Lastly, thank you for your understanding and cooperation to help us better communicate with you. You are important to us and we want to make sure that you are getting all of the information and resources you need.

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