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Empowering the Voice of Kansas Pharmacy

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Advancing the Profession of Pharmacy:
Pharmacists Can Do It!

The profession of pharmacy comes with a multitude of responsibilities, educational requirements and continued advancements. Now is the time for pharmacists, technicians and students to take advantage of the field’s changing dynamic to advance the profession. No matter what point you are at in your career, your action matters. Provided here are three basic steps to initiate engagement in the move towards advancing the profession.

Step One: Advocate

Take the first step towards supporting the profession in Kansas by becoming a member of the Kansas Pharmacists Association (KPhA). KPhA’s mission directly states to “preserve, protect and advance Kansas pharmacy practice through education, engagement and advocacy.” From governmental affairs to continuing education, the organization provides resources for you to stay informed and to get involved. Check out KPh'a Advocacy 101 handbook. In addition, utilize the following resources at the state and national levels to gain a better understanding of efforts being taken to advance the profession.

Advocacy Resources:

Step Two: Brainstorm

The experiences you gain within the field are extremely valuable and can assist in generating new ideas and avenues to action. There are ways that you can share these ideas within the KPhA community. You can get an idea of exactly where your ideas can begin translating into action.

KPhA List of Committees:

Step Three: Be Aware

The profession is no stranger to the ever-changing rules and regulations surrounding healthcare. It can be difficult to keep informed and even harder to know who to contact when we need our voices heard. While KPhA works to promote the voice of the profession as a whole, there are resources available for you to stay well-informed and to reach out to your elected government officials.

Governmental Resources:

Additional Resources:

KPhA appreciates the generous support provided by

Kansas Pharmacists

Preserving, protecting and advancing Kansas pharmacy practice through education, engagement and advocacy.

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