In 2009, KPhA reorganized its structure and governance to better meet the needs of all Kansas pharmacists.  Our reorganization resulted in the formation of seven different academy practice settings.  Pharmacist members from each of these academies have elected a fellow pharmacist to represent the academy on the KPhA Board of Directors.  

In addition, four pharmacist representatives from four geographic regions in the state that roughly follow our US Congressional districts form the four KPhA districts. This helps represent all pharmacists geographically in our diverse state. 

Click here to view the map of KPhA's four districts

The following professional practice areas and member groups are recognized as Academies approved and authorized by the Association.

(a) Kansas Society of Health-System Pharmacists;

(b) Community Pharmacists Academy;

(c) Student Pharmacists Academy;

(d) Pharmacy Technicians Academy;

(e) Managed Care/HMO/ Mail Order Academy;

(f) Pharmacy Owners/Managers Academy; and

(g) Chain Pharmacists Academy


Establishment of Charter Academies

Charter Academies may be formed by the designated practice group of Association Members. At least 50 Association Members who share similar professional needs, interests, and professional concerns must support its formation. The Charter shall suggest goals, activities and objectives which are consistent with the Association’s Purpose and Mission to continuously improve the pharmacy profession in Kansas.

Establishing New Academies

Academies other than those delineated herein may be formed by any group of Association members wishing to submit a proposal to the Board of Directors. In order to establish a new Academy, at least 50 Members who share similar professional needs, interests, and professional concerns must support its formation. The proposal shall include the goals, activities and objectives for the academy. The Association’s Board of Directors will consider the proposal and approve the establishment of a new academy so long as its goals and objectives are consistent with the Association’s Purpose and Mission.

Academy Officers

The members of each Academy shall elect a chairperson and such other officers as the Academy membership deems appropriate in order to conduct the business of the Academy. The chairpersons to serve as Directors on the Initial Board of Directors shall be elected before January 2009. Thereafter, elections for Academies (a), (b), and (c) shall be held in odd-numbered years beginning in 2009, and elections for Academies (d), (e), (f), and (g) shall be held in even-numbered years beginning in 2010. Officers elected in 2009, 2010, and thereafter shall serve two year terms. Newly elected Officers will assume their respective offices on January 1 of the year following the KPhA Annual Meeting.

Academy Membership Meetings 

Each Academy may organize itself for the advancement of the profession and hold meetings in locations and at times mutually agreeable to the members. The Academies are not separate legal entities and have no authority to legally bind the Association. 

Association Board Representation

The chair shall serve as a Director on the Association’s Board of Directors as the Academy’s representative. If an Academy fails to fill its position on the Board for a two (2) year period, the Academy shall be deemed to have forfeited Board representation and shall be deemed dissolved upon resolution of the Association Board.

Academy Powers

In its representation of the special interests of the practice setting, Academies may comment on issues of special interest; provided, however, that any such comments are those of the Academy and not the Association. Academies may establish programs, professional policies, and priorities related to pharmacy practice in their particular setting. Academies may act in an advisory capacity and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. Academies do not have the authority to bind the Association or speak for the Association, unless the Board, by resolution authorizes the Academy to do so. 

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