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KPhA Academies

In 2017, KPhA reorganized its structure and governance to better meet the needs of all Kansas pharmacists.  Our reorganization resulted in the formation of four different academy practice settings. Pharmacist members from each of these academies have elected a fellow pharmacist to represent the academy on the KPhA Board of Directors.

In addition, two pharmacist representatives are elected at-large from the membership to represent all members in association business.

The following professional practice areas and member groups are recognized as Academies by the Association.

Academy Membership Meetings

Each Academy may organize itself for the advancement of the profession and hold meetings in locations and at times mutually agreeable to the members. The Academies are not separate legal entities and have no authority to legally bind the Association.

Academy Powers

In its representation of the special interests of the practice setting, Academies may comment on issues of special interest; provided, however, that any such comments are those of the Academy and not the Association. Academies may establish programs, professional policies, and priorities related to pharmacy practice in their particular setting. Academies may act in an advisory capacity and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. Academies do not have the authority to bind the Association or speak for the Association, unless the Board, by resolution authorizes the Academy to do so.

Academy Officers and Board Representation

The members of each Academy elect a chairperson and other officers as the Academy membership deems appropriate in order to conduct the business of the Academy. The chairpersons serve as Directors on the KPhA Board of Directors and are elected in each odd numbered year. Newly elected Officers take their offices on January 1 after elections in the Fall.

Academy Director Position Description

A KPhA Academy Director is a Kansas Pharmacist, Technician or Student elected by members of that Academy. In this role, the appointee is the primary leader to provide direction and act as the KPhA liason to members in an academy. The director should also provide direction to the KPhA Staff to ensure appropriate communication and education to those the academy represents.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Attend full board meetings as scheduled
  2. Generate ideas to promote interest in KPhA
  3. Understand the academy charter and the purpose of the academy
  4. Identify topics of interest to present to members of the academy
  5. Offer guidance to and work well with KPhA staff to plan academy events
  6. Plan a minimum of one legislative dinner annually
  7. Plan a minimum of two educational events or workshops for the academy annually
  8. Identify and coordinate sponsorships for academy functions
  9. Provide leadership within KPhA to enhance services and grow membership
  10. Participate in or delegate a representative to assist in coordination of relevant continuing education topics at the KPhA Annual Meeting that will benefit your academy members

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