Award Recipients for 2015 
Mid-America Pharmacy Conference & Expo | Sept. 10-13

Bowl of Hygeia - Robert Nyquist
Apotek Pharmacy, Lindsborg


KPhA Past President Robert Nyquist 
& KPhA President Jim Baumann

NCPA Leadership Award - Mike Bellesine
El Dorado TrueCare Pharmacy, El Dorado


KPhA President-Elect Mike Bellesine & NCPA CEO Doug Hoey

2016 President-Elect  - Jonalan Smith

 Sunflower Health Plan, Fairway

District 4 Director Jonalan Smith &  
KPhA President-Elect Mike Bellesine

The passing of the gavel is a KPhA tradition. The President-Elect facilitates the KPhA Board Meetings & uses the gavel start and adjourn the meetings.

Champion of Pharmacy - Mike Burns

AuBurn Pharmacy, Garnett 

KPhA Member Mike Burns & GAC Chairperson Jody Reel

KPhA Pharmacist of the Year - Jody Reel

Sabetha Health Mart, Sabetha


KPhA President Jim Baumann & GAC Chairperson Jody Reel

Pharmacists Mutual Distinguished Young Pharmacist

Ashley Shogren 

El Dorado TrueCare Pharmacy, El Dorado

Pharmacists Mutual Representative Milt Siegfried & 

KNPN Chairperson Ashley Shogren

KPhA President's Award - Jim Baumann

Pfizer, Overland Park 

KPhA Executive Director Mike Larkin, KPhA President Jim Baumann & wife/KPhA Member Kathy Baumann

Excellence in Innovation Award - Merlin McFarland

Kingman Drug, Kingman

KPhA President Jim Baumann 
& KPhA Past President Merlin McFarland

KPhA Board Member of the Year - Emily Prohaska

Balls Food Stores, Kansas City

KPhA President Jim Baumann 
& Past KNPN Chairperson Emily Prohaska

KPhA Board of Directors Award - Auburn Gehle

KPhA, Topeka 

KPhA Manager of Communications & Events Auburn Gehle 
& KPhA President Jim Baumann

Cardinal Health Generation Rx Award - Vicki Whitaker


MTM Champion Award Recipients from 
Sunflower Health Plan

Amanda Applegate

Balls Food Stores, Kansas City 

KPhA District 4 Director Jonalan Smith 
& KPhA MTM Workgroup Member Amanda Applegate

Sandie Kueker

 Hesston Pharmacy, Hesston

KPhA District 4 Director Jonalan Smith 
& MTM Workgroup Member Sandie Kueker

MTM Champion Award from Amerigroup

Tracy Gilmore
Bowen Pharmacy, Parsons 

Amerigroup Director of Pharmacy Lisa Todd 
& Recipient Tracy Gilmore

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